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LEELOO TRADING-VODAFOREX: Step up Your Trading Game with Leeloo Funded Trading

Updated: Jun 19

Trading with Leeloo™

Join thousands of moms, dads, teachers, business owners, and more worldwide who trade with Leeloo™. Leeloo™ is an Elite Software Platform that allows individuals to test their skills in the market with simulated currency

Leeloo™ is proud to be an Industry Leader as a thoughtful architect of sophisticated and innovative programs for traders. Leeloo™ is well-known for outstanding customer service and first-rate attention to those who trade with us.

How to Trade with Leeloo™

  • Step 1. Purchase a Leeloo™ Practice Account. Achieve the profit target (without meeting your loss limit) with 10 traded days.

  • Step 2. Move into a Leeloo Performance Account™. Meet set benchmarks and receive the potential opportunity to earn real payouts.

  • Step 3. Prove Consistency and Discipline For the potential for your account to be copied via proprietary software at Leeloo's discretion.

  • VODAFOREX: Step up Your Trading Game with Leeloo Funded Trading.

  • Trade with Flexibility

  • Swing Trade

  • No Scaling

  • No Daily Drawdown

  • Trade Holidays & News

  • Trade Full Contracts

  • Multiple Accounts ONE login

  • No maximum trading period

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