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How do I overcome forex trading fears?

How do I overcome forex trading fears?

About 15 years ago I was at work and I walk past a work colleague who was on his computer

when I glanced at the computer screen I saw all of these lines, I ask him what`s that, he replied its forex, forex I said whats forex, he explained but I didn't really understand, said something about buying and selling and currency's, I ask him what is the purpose of it all, he then explains how much money you can make and how quickly, I thought he was joking. I decided to do some research on this forex thing.

After reading up on the said subject and watching some videos I believed that I was ready to trade, seemed easy enough, how hard could it be, I opened a live account with hundred dollars,

within a week I had a margin call, oh it's just bad luck I told myself, tried again, the same result, again and again, I became addicted, just kept going, said to myself am going to be rich, and I believed it.

That same year I got into some financial problems and could no longer fund my account.

I couldn't give up trading, it was in my blood so I opened a demo account.

I traded a demo account for almost two years, at first I wipe out the demo account also, but gradually I began to understand, and I don't mean the trading, the trading anyone can learn but I began to understand myself, I realized that whatever this thing is that makes you succeed, comes from within, it's impossible to explain in words, but anyway I eventually open a live account and have never had another margin call, not to say I don't lose trades, but overall I am a profitable trader.

Am not saying you have to trade a demo account for two years. or even trade on a demo account it wasn't the demo that help me, I learned to understand my Psychology, so before you lose a lot of money learn who you are, and what kind of emotions make you tick, know yourself, I mean really know yourself, it helps a lot, the journey is long, be patient and you will succeed.

The fear of losing, the fear of not making it, the fear of being wrong and just not good enough,

these emotions will hold you back.

Fear will hold you back, forex trading

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